Zine No. 2: piqued @@

Nestled Ellipsis


In this collection, we have “played” around with common things, symbols and Chinese characters that piqued our interest. We explored overlapping areas, merged ideas and re-interpreted some of these items. In the process, we re-discovered new elements, gave some of them new meaning and re-emphasised their characteristics in a different light.

This time we decided to create a “flexi-zine” rather than a conventional zine in a booklet. We incorporated our designs in 17 loose cards (double sided) so that they can be read at random - simulating how ideas POP! Some cards take a form of a postcard so that you can share the design with more people. And if any of the cards do inspire you, you can frame it up or use it as a bookmark. 

We hope this gives our zine a more “extensive life” bringing joy to those who receives the postcards, a smile whenever you see the “wiggly” eyes looking at you and more importantly we hope the messages in it resonate with you and the designs/concepts have piqued your interest.

We have also included a mini zine booklet titled "便当". It is inspired by the economic rice meals (杂菜饭) we can find in almost any hawker centre or coffee shop. Each sheet layered on the other depicts how the stall holder "layers" our plate of economic rice as we holler our choices. A simple and typical meal conveniently made available to the masses now represented in a 2D packed " 便当".

Psst...you can use the old-school crocodile clips to prop the zine/cards up on your desk ><

Specification: A6 in size, cover is made of brown kraft board 750gsm, postcards inside are printed on 300gsm white cards, booklet is printed on 80 gsm white sheet

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