Topsy-Turvy FU [福倒(到)]

Nestled Ellipsis


To those unfamiliar with Chinese culture, the Chinese character “福” (which means happiness, good fortune and luck) is often posted upside down because the Chinese character for “upside down”, “倒” is a homonym of the Chinese character for “to arrive”, “到”. 


Upside down “福” = the arrival of happiness, good fortune and luck

As a typical Singaporean with the innate attribute of kiasuism (competitiveness) flowing through our veins, we must be doubly sure that the “福” is retained with us as long as possible. Hence, we created a pocket* for your “福” :-) 

*Tip for the the pantang (superstitious) ones, you can try putting in your business associates name cards in here and the odds may just work in your favour. No harm trying, right?    

Note: Each notebook comes with a book mark summarising the concept and idea behind the product, so that you can enjoy the product even more!  


Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 15cm x 21cm
Weight Approximately 350g
Binding Exposed coptic stitch binding (hand bound) 
Front and back cover Brown kraft cardstock board - 750gsm 
Pocket on the front cover 100% red polyester felt, Approximately 6.5cm × 8cm
Inside Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 100gsm
Pages 164


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