The Postcards Pack (10 of our favourite pieces)

Nestled Ellipsis


10 of our all time favourite postcards at a great price! For a limited time only....

1) Let's Unite (同心協力)
2) Mould Your Future With Your Dreams (追着您的梦,创造您的未来)
3) Heart Should Be The Denominator Of All Things (以心为出发点)
4) Something To Say (有话要说)
5) Strength. Motivation. Success. (動力.力量)
6) Take Things In Your Stride (拿得起放得下)
7) You Are Unique (与众不同)
8) Desserts I Stressed
9) Hang In There!
10) Seasons Greetings

Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 10.6cm x 15cm
Weight Approximately 100g 
Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 300gsm


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