@Maze (mini)

Nestled Ellipsis


Do you see "@" in the maze? Found it? 

"@" is a common symbol we use in e-mail address to establish a link between you and a group, team, organisation, etc. Here, we like to look at it at a macro level - the world. 


Yes, the world can be a maze. Its high hedges make it hard to see what lies beyond, the routes can be tricky and some times we have to make U-turns when we stumble into a dead ends. It can be frustrating when we waste time getting lost or making a detour.

But did it occur to you that the world is an adventure on its own? You don’t have to conquer it or escape from its maze. You don’t have to follow the well trodden paths others have walked. You can carve out your own path, just wander through it and admire what the world has to offer. And if you get lost, sometimes it's really just as well because that’s when you find yourself. And at times you will be @-MAZED at what you find…

So let’s not be intimidated by the maze of the world. Instead, take one step at a time and just roam… 

Note: Each notebook comes with a book mark summarising the concept and idea behind the product, so that you can enjoy the product even more!  


Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 10.6cm x 15cm
Weight Approximately 150g
Binding Exposed coptic stitch binding (hand bound) 
Front and back cover Brown kraft cardstock board - 750gsm 
Inside Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 100gsm
Pages 132


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