Search message puzzle

Nestled Ellipsis



For people who love to still love to send physical cards to friends and loved ones....this is probably the most versatile card you'll ever get!


This card includes the following:-

- Fun element (sender gets to play a "search word/message puzzle") [psst: cheat sheet available if you can't find the greeting you want, just click on link below]

- 20+ common greetings (e.g. happy birthday, congratulations, merry christmas, happy new year, thank you, will you marry me, love you, etc.) 

- You can address it to your: bestie, sister, brother, father, mother, pal, gal, teacher, old man, etc.  

- Combine several messages/greetings in 1 card! just need a few of these cards for the entire year! 


Note: The card comes with a red/blue/yellow/green coloured envelop. 


Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 10.6cm x 15cm
Weight Approximately 50g
Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 300gsm


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