READ (mini)

Nestled Ellipsis


The word "READ" has always been a fascinating word to me. Although its spelt the same way, it has two pronunciations, "reed" and "red". To determine how to pronounce it the right way, one has to look at the context in which the word is used. Is it the present or past? It seems like a guessing game every time we see the word "READ", a 50-50 chance of saying it right. So is it "reed" or "red"?
READ seems like a person with two interchangeable masks on but it is one and the same person. Wouldn't it be easier if we can identify at first glance what the author intends READ to be? 
Hence, in our design we have differentiated one of the letter "R"s by flipping it horizontally, downsizing it and giving it a different colour. We have also made "E" a little special~ and depicted the letter "E" to be a book at side view.  
Have fun READing!  

Note: Each notebook comes with a book mark summarising the concept and idea behind the product, so that you can enjoy the product even more!  


Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 10.6cm x 15cm
Weight Approximately 150g
Binding Exposed coptic stitch binding (hand bound) 
Front and back cover Brown kraft cardstock board - 750gsm 
Inside Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 100gsm
Pages 132


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