NE & Niran - Discovery.Creation.Discovery.

Nestled Ellipsis



You discover something. Then you take it a step further, creating something completely fresh and new. And from thence, a journey of further discovery begins and continues.

A never-ending cycle - that is what is embodied in the hybrid that is Singapore's national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim.

In her design, Niran has individually hand-drawn and inked each bloom. Every stroke is distinct, every tone and shade a surprise. Essentially, as in nature, no two are ever the same.

In each design, you will discover something new. We hope that you are, in turn, inspired enough by it to create something of your own within these pages, embodying the uniqueness that our hybrid national flower stands for!

PS: Note that each design is hand drawn and colours used may be different depending on the pendulum mood of the Artist. :)

Measurements & Specifications

Size Approximately 10.6cm x 15cm (A6 size notebook)
Weight Approximately 150g
Binding Exposed coptic stitch binding (hand bound) 
Front and back cover Brown kraft cardstock board - 750gsm 
Inside Paper Blank bulky off-white paper - 100gsm
Pages 132


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