Beginning of Ends...

As the year 2015 comes to a close, we like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our family and friends who have supported us by coming by to our pop up booths and sharing our products with your friends. And of course not forgetting our customers...thank you for giving us your time to share our products with you:) It has been a rewarding experience interacting with you all! We will definitely come up with newer and more interesting designs and products in the year 2016! Stay tuned to Nestled Ellipsis! 

Before the year comes to an end, we just like to leave you a thought...something to ponder as the new year creeps in...

Another year is reaching its end
The new one inches close
As we stand at the borderline on the 31st
At the brink of the new beginning 
Celebrate the past year for the experiences gained, relations shared, and all the other -eds 
For those moments are jigsaw puzzles now in place 
As the clock strikes 12 tonight
Let's welcome the new year
With anticipation and hope  
In search of more missing jigsaw pieces to be assembled

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